13 June 2017

In a Security-conscious world, I'd like to SHARE my Forensics references.....

.... And offer Three cheers to the folks at PACKT PUBLISHING for their FREE technical eBook every Day program!

       Clicking on THIS LINK:  Share Forensics  ...will take you to my MEDIAFIRE account & more specifically, the FORENSICS directory where I have copies of several eBooks related to the topic, specifically, "Practical Digital Forensics", "Learning Python for Forensics" & "Learning Linux Binary Analysis".

       These books [& the related code files!] are all from the PACKT PUBLISHING & their "Free Learning -- Free Technology Books" program where each day a different book [& any related code files from the text] are given away to registered users for FREE -- all you have to do is VISIT their page at https://www.packtpub.com/packt/offers/free-learning once a day for a new technical book!

       Interested in Raspberry Pi's? They have quite a few references. Are you a Java programmer? Python? Dart? D? R? All of the languages that make the World Wide Web work have references & training books for learning or expanding your knowledge.

       Security is one of those geeky topics that I find interesting & the RANGE of books offered -- from Kali-specific [Kali Linux is a security-evaluation-specific Linux distro] to Forensics [like the three books above] to utilizing Python & other tools -- is bound to include SOMETHING of interest to you if you also enjoy _technical_ reading about security tools & applying them in Real-World situations.

       So go sign up for an account & visit just once a day to see what the latest offering is -- anyone in a computer-related field is almost certain to find at least one,.. & probably more... (-; technical eBooks that they will find interesting on the PACKT PUBLISHING website....


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